10:55:00 AM

So this weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the grand opening of Wet Seal+ here in Houston at the Galleria. I had no clue what to expect because I had never purchased any clothing from them before, which was available online only before Saturday. Luckily I had my boyfriend there, because I grabbed almost everything I could and I couldn't carry it all. I tried on about 20 pieces of clothing, but only ended up purchasing about 8. I was a little bit overwhelmed and I wanted to buy everything. The store had everything thing from jeans, wide legged palazzo pants, tees and tanks, plaid shirts, skater skirts and dresses, chiffon tops, and cute flats.
I heard mixed reviews about their clothing from friends and online reviews, so I was a little worried about the quality. And based on their prices I wasn't sure if the cost was worth it, but the 40% off sale made me happy. I saved almost $100 on my purchase. I am very well pleased with the quality of their clothing and their jeans are amazing. Most of their jeans, if not all, are stretch and can conform to any type of plus-size figure. I will definitely be going back this week to cop me a couple pairs of jeans.
Overall I am very pleased to now have a Wet Seal + here in Houston. Wet Seal+ plus will definitely be one of my top shopping spots this fall!!! Check out some of the items I purchased at the grand opening, which are all available on the Wet Seal+ website. Stay FABULOUS!!!


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