10:40:00 AM

Oh what a great Saturday I had! The weather in Houston was perfect to run the streets and to test out my new camera.  Now I'm no photographer or anything, but I have really been interested in building my "picture taking" skills.  I wanted to shoot some pictures in a non-typical place, so I headed to the Warehouse District in search of some scenery.  This area is filled with many different places to take photos (abandoned buildings, railroad tracks, etc.)


The weather was perfect for me to FINALLY rock my "PRETTY FOR A BIG GIRL?" sweatshirt that I purchased from Flaws of Couture!  I received tons of looks and stares while wearing this sweatshirt today.  One lady even stopped me and said "You aren't pretty, you're BEAUTIFUL".  It's always good to be noticed for something positive, like sending a message that regardless of my size and what anyone else thinks...I'M PRETTY DANG IT!  No matter who agrees or doesn't agree is no factor at all. I'M PRETTY.PERIOD. Stay pretty, stay beautiful, stay FABULOUS!

"Big Girl" Sweatshirt: Flaws of Couture
Skater Skirt: F21
Sneaker Wedges: JustFab
Leopard Clutch: F21
Dotted Tights: Dots
Gold Triple Chain Necklace: Rainbow
Gold Studs: Rainbow
Watch: JC Penney
Bracelets: Harwin

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